(the long way DOWN)



APRIL 9 - 24 2022


Some of the best roads in Europe can be found in the Catalonian region of Spain, long sweeping roads that disappear into the distance surrounded by majestic mountains, and forested National Parks the place is idyllic, especially for bikers.


This is a multi-venue trip starting in the UK and heading to Spain via France. Staying in several hotels along the route and finally getting to Cardona via the Millau bridge. Riding difficulty there and back is 4 based on the distances covered, that said, much of it is dual carriageway or A roads, there will be plenty of stops along the way. Cardona Castle in Catalonia is one of the most amazing riding venues we have stayed at, an unbreeched castle that dates back to the 14th century and some parts were originally built in 886AD. Fully modernised as a National treasure via the Parador scheme it has lost none of its historic beauty, see the video for more information.

There will be 4 ride outs, 2 into the mountains, 1 to the beach for a day and 1 to the fabulous Monserrat Abbey, there is also a day off where we have a short ride into one of the National Parks and have a picnic surrounded by the most amazing views.


Avg. daily mileages in Cardona 175-200.


The Long Way Round’ involves riding from the UK to Cardona and back via the Chunnel/Eurostar and France. 4 days down, 4 days back, 7 days in Cardona with several short/days off during the tour, this is a 3000 miles trip and will be Avg. daily mileages 250-350 on the way there and back.

You don't have to be an Advanced Rider to come on our Tours but it helps us to understand what your capabilities are. It is helpful if we have a chat before you go ahead and make a booking. Our 'ride ratings' help you understand what the daily mileages look like. We have regular comfort breaks as we recognise this isn’t supposed to be an endurance event! We need you to be a confident rider, be capable of doing the stated mileages whilst continuing to be in full control of your machine at all times. 
It is important not to overstretch yourself which can cause problems for both yourself and your fellow riders. 




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  • 2 Expert Tour Guides

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  • 1 Rider 1 Bike     £3200

  • 1 Rider 1 Pillion  £3500

  • 2 Riders 2 Bikes  £2900

         (Sharing 1 room)


              ALMOST FULL


* Deluxe rooms available at additional cost

upon request.


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