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If you ride a motorcycle you already appreciate the sense of freedom it gives you, the mental discipline it takes, the buddies you make, and the thrill of riding one of the coolest machines on the planet. But if you love biking, you also know its risks. It’s one reason why AT Squared & IAM RoadSmart developed our Fast Track Advanced Rider Course, an on-road advanced motorcycling course delivered by trained volunteers that gives you greater confidence and a feeling of safety when you ride on Britain’s roads. We are also very proud that our course is Quality Assured by the DVSA.


Whether you’re a born-again biker returning to riding on a larger, more powerful machine or love riding and just want to be the best rider you can be, this course is for you!


Your expert Instructor will focus on specific skills helping you to develop awareness of your bike, the road and your surroundings. You will be taught how to choose the right position on the road, ride at the appropriate speed, select the right gear and accelerate where appropriate. Once you’ve developed these core skills you’ll be ready to prove them in the advanced test. It takes commitment to achieve, but, once mastered, you’ll be one of the most skilled riders on the road – less than 1% of riders hold an advanced or higher qualification.


There’s a good chance you’ll save on insurance too.


Working directly with Alan Jefferies BMW, one of Europe’s biggest dealerships, we have organised the following:


The IAM / AT2 Intensive Fast Track Advanced Rider Course.


Next dates available: July 2020 (COURSE FULL)

                                                               7th - 11th September 2020 -  £1600



What’s included?...


  • 1-3 Riders.
  • 1 instructor
  • Real time communications between riders and instructors.
  • A pre course ride out and theory work using IAM principles and system, brush up on road signs and the law. (this will occur a month or so prior to the week away, revision to be done on computer and reading material provided by us)


















There will be constant assessment throughout the week, if both the rider and instructor are in agreement that the test should take place the rider will be collected from Moffat by an IAM test examiner and will ride part of the way home under test conditions. If the rider or examiner do not believe the rider is ready for the test the rider will continue to receive instruction with the same coach over the proceeding weeks until ready to take the test.


Mileage anticipated approx. 900-1000


 What’s not included?...

  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Bar bills
  • Petrol
  • Insurance (personal or vehicle)
  • Any Ferries



  • Gain confidence and skills
  • Possible cheaper insurance
  • Use your own motorcycle
  • Course is DVSA Quality Assured
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Gain full IAM membership
  • Improve on road anticipation
  • Appreciate your motorcycle’s full capabilities
  • Become a better rider in different environments

Course overview...

  • 5 days away, 3 in Scotland, one day up and one day down.
  • A pre course assessment day which will include theory work using IAM principles and system, brush up on road signs and the law and a ride out. (this will  two weeks or so prior to the training week away, revision to be done on computer and reading material provided by us).
  • Assessment day to Moffat.
  • Staying at the Buccleuch Arms Monday and Thursday evening (Bed & Breakfast).
  • • Staying 2 nights in the Loch Levan hotel the Macdonald Forest Hills hotel and spa or the Taychreggan Hotel (Tue/Wed), Bed and breakfast.,,
  •  5 days of coaching whilst travelling up to and around Scotland’s fantastic roads and scenery.
  • Daily personal briefings.
  • 1 Years Membership of the IAM
  • Advanced Rider Course Logbook/Learning materials.
  • Personal coaching from 2 IAM National Observer Instructors.
  • Coaching and test included.
  • Once qualified, access to IAM’s vehicle insurance company.


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