I am Martyn Hanson and I have been a biker since I was 14. My dad bought me a BSA C15 250 to mess around in the fields behind his work, after it nearly broke my shin kicking it over I fell in love with two wheels.


I left school at 16 and messed about for a year on a Yamaha FS1e, following which I was given an ultimatum, get a job or get out! I joined the Army on my 17th birthday and never looked back.

Over the years I’ve owned every make and most models on two wheels, from superbikes to plodders, trials to enduro.


Unfortunately, as life moves on and kids arrive the bikes dwindled until, when the boys were 5, I managed to ‘negotiate’ a Gas Gas trials bike and two Italjets from (my ex) boss, from that moment my boys were hooked as well. I've travelled the world on two wheels, Africa, America, Asia, Iceland and most countries in Europe, you name it, I’ve been there, and it’s so much better on two wheels!


After working in the Middle East for a number of years I decided to retire and follow my passion of seeing even more places on a bike, that was 7 years ago, since then I’ve had 8 BMW K1600’s (magnificent beasts) and ridden about 140,000 miles not including 6,000 around Lake Victoria off-roading on a KTM for Help for Heroes https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/martyn-hanson if you want to read a fantastic story I’ve added our blog; click here to read it.


Setting up AT2 evolved from this thirst to ride..and riding with friends is even better. I decided to teach after recognising the need for improving standards of riding and safety and took my IAM Advanced test in 2013, I then went on to do my IAM Masters which I completed with a Distinction which is the highest civilian qualification possible. To enable me to pass skills on I have also completed my IAM and RoSPA teaching qualifications which are the National Observer Certification and Group Tutor respectively. Our first training course / 'holiday', in conjunction with the IAM, and Alan Jefferies BMW took place in March 2019.


The holidays have also evolved out of wanting to ride but also sharing those fabulous places I’ve seen…and so…AT2 was born.

I am Mike Stainsby a dedicated biker from the age of 17 but driven onto 4 wheels for the same reasons as everyone else. Life just got in the way!


My wife knew that was coming to an end when I would rear up like a thirsty meerkat as a biker went past just to sniff the exhaust fumes. Caught hook, line and sinker, I'd never be a rich man!


I've been a 'suit' my entire working life and have now exchanged my cufflinks and brogues for a selection of Goretex and leather! A serendipitous crossroads prompted by redundancy, a personal health scare and the death of a very close relative lead me to this point in my life.


Martyn and I have set up AT Squared to provide a personal, 'done for you' biking holiday and training programme from bikers that really care. Our life skillsets are entirely opposite but our values are completely aligned, making for a first class customer experience.


I've stopped asking my barber to cut out the grey which is now greeted with a snigger and then an awkward pause. Trousers that have fitted me for years have started to shrink. I am therefore dedicating the next 10 years of my life to showing people places that I love to go and fully embracing our strap-line - 'this is why we ride'


I love the ‘apre ride' and a beer or two after a long day in the saddle is always welcome to soothe my aching dodgy knee and opposite shoulder, it's all purely medicinal, honest.


Advanced rider, first aider and all round good egg (or so they say) I'm there to smooth out any bumps in the road that appear along the way!


I look forward to welcoming you on our tours, prepare for the amazing.



This is why we ride